Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are used in a wide variety of applications with different operating and environmental conditions. Seal materials have significant influence on the seal performance from different aspect. Therefore, besides seal design the proper material choice is critical for maximum seal performance. At Behin Seal we are able to provide a wide variety of industrial sealing materials for sealing system requirements.

Generally, we can divide the modern synthetic seal materials in three large subgroups:


Polyurethane seals in many of the fluid power applications is often the best design choice because of their unique properties such as high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, good flexibility and wide hardness range with good elasticity. Our polyurethanes are able to take shock loads better than most elastomers.

Polyurethane seals are generally used in high pressure hydraulic systems where highly stressed parts are subject to wear. Typical application temperature range is –30 °C to +120 °C, while some of the low temp polyurethane materials can be used down to -50°C and high-load resistant materials can reach 120 °C continues operating temperature limit as well in mineral oil based fluids.

At Behin Seal we can offer a wide range of polyurethanes:

High Temp. PU | Low Temp. PU | Hard Grade PU | Soft Grade PU | Low friction PU



Today, different types of polyurethanes have been developed all over the world to make sealing parts for various applications, but in some cases the best solution is to use elastomers to achieve high performance sealing. Because of thermal and chemical resistance of elastomers or rubber materials they are indispensable in sealing industry.


Engineered Plastics

Engineered hard plastics are very important materials because of their exclusive features. Seals those designed and manufactured by combining the engineered hard plastics with polyurethane or elastomers can be used in heavy duty applications or in other conditions. Generally they used as back up rings or guide rings but also they can be used as preloaded seals.